Want Want China Holdings


Want Want China Holdings Ltd. is an investment holding company, which engages in the manufacture, distribution & sale of food and beverages. The main businesses of the company include: Rice Crackers, Dairy Products and Beverages, Snack Foods and Other Products. The Rice Crackers segment manufactures sugar coated crackers, savory crackers, and fried crackers. The firm expanded to the Southeast China region by setting up their first overseas office in Singapore in 1995. Since then the firm has expanded to other countries including Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.


The Brief

To complete their expansion in Southeast Asia, Want Want decided to enter the Vietnam market in early 2010s and set up a manufacturing factory for rice crackers and beverages. They were looking for about 10 competent individuals who had substantial knowledge about the local market while being familiar with the rules and practices of international commerce. The salaries offered were in the premium level, with monthly wages ranging from 20,000,000 dong (1500 USD) to 60,000,000 dong (4500 USD). The majority of the requirements were for Senior Operation Managers and Accountant Managers to help them set up the factory and monitor project budget. 


Our Method

To begin with, we decided to conduct this project with a high degree of confidentiality and had to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Therefore, for the initial engagement of candidates with this project we had to conduct a very precise and accurate search model.


  1. We started with our existing candidate network and only engaged with talent we had already met and pre-screened.  During our conversation with the candidate, we had to keep secret the profile of the client while also providing important information. 

  2. All engaged candidate options were asked to register an agreement confirming they were happy for GlobalK to represent them for the opportunity although they were still not aware of who it was. 

  3. Because of some specific requirements for the roles, we had to carry out some targeted headhunting as well as requesting for personal recommendations.

  4. After the period of non-disclosure passed we proceeded to follow a more traditional approach, generating new candidates and interviewing them specifically for the roles available. 


The Result

The client was impressed with our proposal, and awarded us the contract in the competition with other recruitment services.  Of the roles filled externally, GlobalK filled over 80% of the roles available and received excellent feedback from the client.



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