Remote Work – Adjusting to the New Work Patterns

Remote Work - Adjusting to the New Work Patterns









The era of COVID ushered in a huge shift in working patterns, rapidly transforming the workplace from office-based to home-based. As the world reopens, this change will undoubtedly leave a lasting mark. The IWG 2019 Global Workspace Survey found that 3 out of 4 workers around the globe consider flexible working to be “the new normal” with 62% of organisations now having a flexible working policies in place. Working from home has many benefits with a flexible working pattern making life easier for those with disabilities or working parents. However, it also holds its practical and social challenges.

With this in mind, there are many aspects of remote work to be considered when understanding the benefits and disadvantages. The social aspect of working in office at home is largely dependent on the individual and their preferred working environment. Some personalities thrive while working in a quiet space with little social interaction, however some workers strongly desire a social aspect in their work and enjoy the business of a shared office.

Sociability raises questions how workers best communicate. Working in a shared physical space in an office allows for informal communication that can’t take place at home. A quick question shouted across the office becomes an email or a phone-call that takes time waiting for a response. According to the LBC, 830,000 British people losing their jobs since the start of the pandemic, many people will be starting new jobs and in many cases, they have been – or will be – starting a new role working remotely alongside people they’ve never met in person. This loss of social contact could make starting a new job more difficult not only for practical training aspects but also social aspects. Getting into a new role is much more enjoyable when you’re alongside friendly colleagues in a shared physical space who are happy to help you get stuck into your new role. Having said that, if you have a job where you require little interaction with others and enjoy a quiet space with little distractions, remote work will be a massive benefit for you.